INTRODUCTION is a new revolutionary concept in selling your diamond.  For whatever reason you wish to sell your diamond this site provides a safe, ethical, dignified and highly professional means of selling your diamond for a fair price.  You are using the top appraisers in the country so that the diamond is certified  by the bona fide accredited appraiser in your city (the seller’s city) and is doubly checked by the appraiser in the buyer’s city.  I, Martin Sheffield, President of ‘’ overlook and get involved in every sale to ensure that all the procedural guidelines are met and that all parties mutually benefit.  This site gives buyers a chance to purchase GIA or AGS or other valid certed diamonds at far less than they are currently being offered on all other diamond internet sites today.  Plus, using this site gives you double edge protection from two independent appraisers as well as the highly respected GIA and AGS certification.  Diamonds are only sent from one appraiser to another (fully insured with Fedex) and every process in the selling and buying procedure has been well thought of with  guidelines in place for everyone’s protection. Actually, I have been successfully  using these methods now for 15 years and am using the same methods and principles on this site.  Myself, Martin Sheffield, the large network of appraisers in every state (including Hawaii)  and our sellers and buyers all act in good faith so that everyone mutually benefits.  In the past having a diamond that you didn’t need was a real headache for sellers. Retailers offer about 10% of replacement value,  auction houses maybe 20% and dealing with privates was a nightmare.  Diamond sites or stores that take your diamond back for a trade in benefit enormously and you benefit very little.  Now, with this site, all this has ended and having a diamond to sell can be a most pleasurable experience for all of us in the family……….myself, the sellers, the buyers, and the highly respected appraisers all denoted on   

       Buyers will end up getting amazing deals on very high grade diamonds that have been certed by GIA and AGS and all diamonds will have been independently checked twice, once by an appraiser in the seller’s state and once by the appraiser in your state.  You just won’t get that type of service anywhere!

        For more detailed information on exactly how the site works please read the other sections.  There is a special section designed just for appraisers.  As well, if you’re a potential seller please read the sections for sellers.  If you’re a potential buyer, please read the buyer sections.

        This site is truly a Godsend.  Let’s all benefit and use it.   For any comments or questions or listing information please feel free to call myself, Martin Sheffield, at 800 252 1476 or

               It is important to note that you can use this site in two different ways.  One way is to read the site over yourself in its entirety and utilize the techniques and methods precisely as stated in the site.  This way you are just paying the $125.00fee for the placement of the ad only.  Certain ad placements may have higher fees depending upon the complexity involved.  The other way of utilizing the site is to pay for the ad placement and then have myself, Martin Sheffield, monitor and look after the sale together with you the seller.  In those instances you are paying for the ad placement as well as a 5% commission fee on the selling price.  In certain rare and unusal  cases the commission rate may vary depending on circumstances. You can always decide to go on the commission program at anytime once your ad is placed.  reserves the right not to be part of the commission program in certain instances if it so desires.  The choice is entirely yours.  This site is so detailed that you basically have complete instructions  on how to proceed with the sale that you should not have any problems.  Of course, I am always here to answer questions and guide my clients.

       No matter which method you chose,, IGS Inc., and Martin Sheffield are not responsible for any damages or losses incurred by using the methods on the site.  You do so totally at your own risk.  If you follow the instructions as offered on this site you should be fine, however, there is no guarantee that any item(s) will be sold and that nothing could go wrong in the process.  The paid advertising client assumes all risk. 

       As you read through the site you will soon discover how well thought of and safe the methods used are.  If you carefully contemplate the advice given you will certainly agree that this site offers the safest and best way to sell your diamond(s) and other items of jewelry over the internet.

       This site truly helps everyone. The sellers benefit from this long sought after venue for the proper and decent way for the seller to sell his diamond.  The seller will obtain a decent fair price,  the buyer will get a better price than he can on the internet and all parties benefit along the way.