*Please note that all fees and product asking prices are in USD. The USD is the only official currency of this site.

1.        A commission listing in http://www.sellingyourdiamond.net  is a one time fee of $125.00.  This includes having the diamond listed with up to  5 jpeg photos, up to 3 copies of the original certificate(s), up to 3 copies of the seller’s appraisals  and a complete detailed listing description.  This also includes a free 30 day Polygon listing.  Each month thereafter a rate of $50/month is charged if you wish the Polygon listing to continue to run.  A commission of 5% of the selling price is due after the sale.    

2.        All rates are subject to change at any time.

3.        If you have any questions concerning fees please call Martin Sheffield at 800 252 1476 or mailto:diamonds@usacerteddiamonds.com

4.        Having a commission listing on http://www.sellingyourdiamond.net  entitles you to the professional guidance of Martin Sheffield and his help ensuring that you carefully follow the procedural guidelines of this site. 

5.        I will monitor the sale till completion to ensure that all procedural guidelines are followed for the seller’s and buyer’s security and protection.

6.        Or, you may request a stand alone ad where you simply place the ad with all the normal reports, appraisals, photos, comments etc. however, you are handling everything totally on your own from beginning to end.  With the stand alone non commission ad, the ad will be placed up to a maximum of one year.  You must notify ‘SellingYourDiamond.net’ once the item is sold. 

7.        If IGS Inc., and SellingYourDiamond.net totally sells the diamond on your behalf and you use our email address and phone number then there is the ad placement fee of $125.00USD + 10% commission.


To Summarize:

A.      You have the basic commission for the regular ad. The cost on this is $125.00USD for the ad placement + all the help and guidance and monitoring till end of sale.  A commission of 5% of the selling price is due after sale.

 B.  You just pay the $125.00USD for the ad placement and handle everything on your own.  This should be    easy to do once you read the entire site and understand the procedures.  Be careful to follow all the procedures as outlined in the site.  You may still call for basic help and guidance. There is no commission due once the diamond is sold. 

C.  SellingYourDiamond.net sells the diamond totally on your behalf and you use our email address and phone number.  The fee would then be $125.00USD for the ad placement + 10% commission on the selling price due after the sale is complete.