What is the purpose of this site?

        The purpose is to help a person find a respectable and easy way to sell a loose diamond or item of jewelry once they find out that they no longer have a need for it.  The site hopefully will benefit the seller by helping him/her get fair value for the item and, at the same time, providing the buyer with an excellent wholesale price (better than what they can find on most diamond and jewelry internet sites).  This site allows buyers across North America to hook up with one another in an absolute safe environment with the help of the many qualified, bona fide, accredited appraisers to be found on


What’s the main principle behind the site?

          The site is based on a method using the large network of appraisers throughout North America.  You, the seller, would work with your appraiser in your city and then the buyer, works together with his appraiser in his city.  This allows the participation of clients from all over North America.  Diamonds and items of jewelry are only sent from one bona fide appraiser to another bona fide appraiser thus eliminating any possibility of fraud  and naturally calls upon a series of ‘checks and balances’ to keep both buyer and seller totally satisfied.  


Why is this method better than any other method for selling jewelry? 

          It’s very highly professional based on trained Graduate Gemologists from the GIA and Certified Gemologists from AGS, as well as Gemologists with other internationally recognized degrees.  The fact that two different gemologists in two different cities will both agree on the quality of an item will be a source of comfort to the buyer knowing that he truly received the quality he asked for.  The price the buyer pays will give the seller more than he would get by selling it to a jeweler privately, and more than he/she would get at the auctions and, at the same time, the buyer will be paying significantly less than he/she would by purchasing directly from the internet.  The prices on the site fit within a special niche that benefits both buyers and sellers.


Who controls and moderates  the site?

          I, Martin Sheffield, a Graduate Gemologist, Graduate Jeweler,  Accredited Appraiser, Fair Master Valuer and diamond and jewellery retailer for over 40 years will host the site and am in the background making sure that everything runs both fairly and smoothly for all parties.  You can call me anytime with questions at 800 252 1476 and  I am available to help and consult at all times.


How do I get my ad in place?

          No problem.  If you want to sell your loose diamond quickly have it removed from the setting.  Take it to a jeweler who can remove the diamond from the setting and then have the diamond appraised at one of the many appraisers found on  At the appraisers, have the appraiser take photos as well.  Be sure to have the photos of the item on some sort of file such as jpeg.  At your computer you would go to the ‘submit’ section for the category of jewelry that you want to sell.  Follow all the instructions, step-by-step, in the ‘submit your ad’ section for the section matching the type of jewelry item that you have. has a highly encrypted and protected site that will safely take your credit card for payment.  Have you any questions concerning the placement of your ad, then please call 800 252 1476 and speak directly with Martin Sheffield or

You may also submit your ad directly with Martin Sheffield by calling 800 252 1476 or and pay Martin directly using a credit card over the phone.


What is the cost to place an ad?...Are there any extra hidden fees?

          The cost to  place an ad is $125.00USD.  That includes uploading up to 5 images,   3 certificates,  3 appraisals plus a complete unlimited description.   This also includes my help determining a fair price for your loose diamond or item of jewelry.  Now, if you read the site fully and feel confident that you can wing it on your own….then fine………that’s all you would pay……is the $125.00USD for the ad placement.


          However, if you would like my assistance and my involvement in the sale and to oversee everything as well as getting involved in the coordination of events between buyer, seller and appraisers……then there is a 5%  commission fee involved.  The 5% commission also includes using the IGS Inc.  credit card facilities to take the initial deposit plus using the IGS Inc. facilities to take the final payment as a wire transfer IN TRUST for the seller. In other words, I will be there with you along the way making sure that everything runs smoothly.

If you read the site carefully, and understand the principles, then there is no reason why you, the seller, can’t do it entirely on your own.   You are still welcome to call me at 800 252 1476 for basic questions regarding procedures.  However, since there is no commission involved I would be limited in the amount of time that I would have to answer your questions….but I will certainly be able to guide you in the right direction.

          The same applies for the buyer.  If you wish me to be with you every step along the way and monitor the entire procedure then at the end of the sale you would owe an additional 5% on the balance due.  However, if you read the site carefully you will  pick up on all the principles and can probably wing it on your own very easily.  If the buyer and seller do everything independent of myself, Martin Sheffield, then the only cost involved is the $125.00 for the ad placement on the part of the seller.  Sometimes, on very complicated or very expensive items the ad placement fee can go up.  However, most of the times it should stay at the $125.00USD level.   

          Again, let me stress that both buyer and seller are welcome to call for basic questions to ensure that you get the proper guidance to stay on track.

          If a seller wants to sell an item and wants to absolve him/herself of anything to do with the sale that is fine as well.  In that scenario you would be using’s email address of  mailto:diamonds@usacerteddiamonds and our telephone number 800 252 1476.  In addition I, Martin Sheffield, would be handling absolutely everything for you.  The fee would then  be the ad placement fee of $125.00USD plus 10% commission. 

          To summarize then, there are 3 basic procedures:

1.     Just pay the $125.00USD ad placement fee and handle all the arrangements and coordination of the sale on your own.  If you do so please adhere to all the rules and precautions as outlined in the site.  IGS Inc. assumes absolutely no responsibility for any damages that may be incurred no matter what the cause. You are still welcome to call with limited questions to make sure that you are on track. When the ad is placed you must state that you are handling this on your own so that I know that no commission is due upon the completion of the sale. IGS Inc. and Martin Sheffield assume no responsibility whatsoever, with respect to any damages that may occur due to action taken as a result of this website.

2.     Pay the  $125.00USD ad placement fee as well as the seller pays 5% commission at the end of the sale.  I, Martin Sheffield will work with you and be with you every step along the way ensuring that everything is done properly and in accordance with the guidelines and principles as set forth in this site. The buyer can also enter the commission program at 5% and the buyer will have myself, Martin Sheffield, accompany him/her every step along the way to ensure that everything runs totally smoothly.  Again, for the buyer, if you read the site in its entirety and understand the principles you should be fine without me.  I’m still available for questions anytime. Again, IGS Inc. and Martin Sheffield assume no liability whatsoever for any damages that may occur however caused due to any action resulting from this website.

3.    The third method is for the seller to absolve him/herself of everything to do with the sale and leaving it absolutely up to me to look after.  Of course, you would have to arrange for the deliver of your item to the appraiser and have the necessary appraisals done.  Your fee for this type of sale is the $125.00USD ad placement fee as well as 10% due upon the completion of the sale.  Certain people just don’t want to get involved and it just suits them better. IGS Inc., and Martin Sheffield  assume absolutely no responsibility and no liability whatsoever with respect to any damages that may occur, however caused, due to any action resulting from this website.   


What is the danger of something going wrong?

     Very Unlikely.  The methods and procedures utilized in this site are pretty much the same principle that USA Certed Diamonds uses to sell diamonds.  In 15 years of being in business there has only been one diamond lost by Fedex and that had been covered by insurance.  All items being shipped must be fully insured and all items must be shipped only from appraiser to appraiser.  The appraisers must be picked from the ones in or at least be approved by IGS Inc. and myself, Martin Sheffield.


Once a customer has bought a diamond and paid for it, are they allowed to return it?

     The client has 7 days from the date the diamond is purchased for a refund.  You must be notified within the 7 days.  If the diamond is returned, funds are then returned to the buyer providing that the same diamond or item of jewelry is returned to the seller’s appraiser in the exact same condition as it is received.  The buyer and seller can make alternate arrangements.


Do you have to follow the rules of this website when selling your diamond or item of jewelry? 

No.  Absolutely not.  However, the guidelines and procedures as set forth in the website have been tested and proven to work.  Deviating from them can result in losses occurring. The seller and buyer may work things out between them however they see fit.  I recommend following the procedures as outlined on this site.  If the buyer or seller deviates from any standard procedure please call myself, Martin Sheffield, and I will be glad to assist and give you my opinion.


Is,  IGS Inc., or Martin Sheffield responsible if something goes wrong?, IGS Inc., and Martin Sheffield assume absolutely no liability with respect to any losses or damages that may be incurred due to using the procedures and guidelines as set forth in this website.  Even though you are using the safest methods possible to sell your diamonds or jewelry at the fairest price…things can go wrong.  As I mentioned many times in the site, if you follow the guidelines and procedures everything should work out fine.


What if I run into problems or can’t cope with a situation that should arise in the process of the sale? 

     Then call myself, Martin Sheffield, for assistance and I will be more than pleased to help.  If you are in the ad placement only and not paying commission I will still help out as much as I possibly can. 


How do I contact you Martin?

     By phone at 800 252-1476 or email at


Is there a time limit on the ad?

     There is currently no time limits on ads placed.  However, and IGS Inc. reserves the right to make changes with respect to the time that an ad can be placed without an additional charge or renewal fee.  If any changes do occur you would be guaranteed that the ad would be on for a minimum of 18 months before any renewal or additional fee would occur.


Are the ads subject to editing?

     Yes.  All ads placed on are subject to approval by Martin Sheffield.  Ads may be edited to ensure proper and fair representation.  As well, an ad will not be placed on the site if the seller’s price is out of line.  All asking prices will be reviewed by Martin Sheffield prior to being put up on the site.


Once an ad is placed is there a refund if the ad is taken down?

     There are no refunds on ads placed.  You may request an ad to come off at anytime.


Can I switch from the ad placement only to the commission program?

     Yes, you are more than welcome to change at anytime.  However, once you are on the commission program a change cannot be made back to the ad placement fee only.  If you decide not to sell your diamond and you are on the commission program then a very reasonable fee may be incurred for the additional time spent trying on my behalf to sell your diamond.


Can diamonds and items of jewelry be sold by Americans to Canadians, and likewise, by Canadians to Americans? 

     Yes, by all means.  I will be more than pleased to assist in those sales and provide the necessary advice for handling customs. 


 How should I overview the whole site and what is it basically doing to help me sell my loose diamond or other jewelry?

This site is in itself a wealth of knowledge on the proper, safest, and most beneficial way to sell and buy your loose diamond(s) and other items of fine jewelry. The ad placement is amazing! For $125.00USD you get the opportunity to put up 5 photo images, 3 certificates, 3 appraisals and an unlimited length detailed description of the article.

The exposure of this website should be growing at an exponential rate everyday. It's a great venue to sell your jewelry offering plenty of exposure with an extremely professional background setting. If you understand the principles and recommended procedures and want to try selling it in on your own, you're more than welcome. And if you do sell it on your own, then the $125.00USD ad placement fee would be your only expense. This site also offerns a total monitoring and assistance package with complete guidance for the sale of your loose diamond or other jewelry, and if you take advantage of this feature then your cost would be the $125.00USD plus a 5% brokerage fee to the seller upon completion of the sale. Likewise, if the buyer would like to get myself involved in the purchase of the item so that I become involved each step along the way with the purchaser, then there would be a 5% brokerage fee for the purchaser upon completion of the sale. Overall, your fine certed diamond or other jewelry merits a site of this high calibre nature in order for a beneficial sale to take place for both seller and buyer. Please remember that you are absolutely under no obligation to use my assistance program....but please read the site and understand the principles and procedures.........and you may still call me at anytime.

If you do not use my assistance program then the seller is just paying for the placment of the ad, and the buyer is just paying for the beautiful diamond or the beautiful item of jewelry. It's that simple. 

 What qualifications does Martin Sheffield have that I should use him in the sale or purchase of my loose diamond or other fine jewelry? 

 Martin has been in the diamond business for the past 40 years. He is a Graduate Gemologist from the GIA, a Graduate Jeweller from the CJI (Canadian Jeweller's Institute), Master Valuer and an Accredited Appraiser from the Canadian Jewellers Institute. He is owner of the very well known and popular He is familiar with and knows all the appraisers across the US and knows the majority of diamond dealers in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and Toronto. He is a member of Polygon and Rapnet and works with diamonds and diamond prices all day long. You can't have a better person to help you out in the sale or purchase of your loose diamond or fine jewelry.

When reading through the site which method of selling your diamond is highlighted and recommended?

I, Martin Sheffield, recommend using the assistance program where I mentor, advise and guide you so that you follow all the procedural steps and guidelines properly. There is a 5% fee for the seller upon completion of the sale. Most of the time when you are reading through the site it is assumed that you are doing the assistance program and I explain what I am doing for you to ensure a safe and beneficial sale of your jewelry. If you are doing the sale on your own and just paying for the ad then that is perfectly fine .....but please use all the advice that's given for free in the site. Instead of me being there to make sure, you're just doing it on your own. You're still welcome to call me with important basic questions at anytime.

What if the buyer and seller are in the same city?

If that's the case I would recommend that the seller uses one appraiser and the buyer uses a second appraiser to eliminate any bias.

If there should only be one independent appraiser in the city, and sometimes that happens, it might be desirable for the seller to have more than one appraisal from independent trustwory independent appraisers from other locations. If that situation arises please call myself, Martin Sheffield, and I will deal with it on an individual basis.

If you have any additional questions not covered by the above questions, please feel free to call myself, Martin Sheffield at 800 252 1476 or