The Absolute Surefire Way to Successfully Sell  Your Diamond

Your Diamond will be listed on Pricescope
, Rapnet, Polygon,  Virtcert, and

Every Dealer in the US will have exposure to your diamond plus any client in the market for a diamond will see the diamond actually listed on Pricescope.  Pricescope is the largest and most used website for consumers buying diamonds. Rapnet and Polygon are the two largest diamond search engines in the world used amongst dealers.

The diamond stays with you until sold. All the work is done by  You sit back and relax.

There is absolutely no better way in the entire world to sell your loose certed diamond for the highest price possible. will establish a fair price based on comparison to similar diamonds listed on  Rapnet and Polygon. You will be notified of the price before the diamond is listed

Live Support Line at 800 252 1476 for any questions
Your diamond is carefully monitored at all times.
Call the Support Line anytime to check on the progress of your diamond.

The fee is $35.00  +  3% commission once sold.  That is extremely reasonable. No expiry date on the ad. The diamond should sell within a short period of time.

Call 1 800 252 1476 to have your diamond listed. 

Certain Conditions Apply

Diamond must be loose.  Certain exceptions may be made for diamonds over 3cts.
Diamond must have a valid GIA, AGS report.
At the time the diamond is sold, you would take the diamond and GIA or AGS  report to an appraiser in your area. will guide you along every step along the way.
You must be able to respond to the notification that your diamond has been sold within a reasonable amount of time.
You must notify if you sell your diamond other than through
Other Conditions May Apply


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